Support for CMS National Board Renewal Candidates

Visit the National Board website for information about the renewal process.
If you are renewing this year, join our Renewal candidate study group which meets monthly at Spaugh PDC, 1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28208. Just search for "study group" on MyPD and select the National Board Renewal Study Group to enroll.
Attend a study group meeting or email our Reader Coordinator at for information about our reading support for renewal candidates.

The changes to the National Board Certification process which will be phased in beginning in 2014-2015 do not currently affect the renewal process. National Board anticipates that the new renewal process will be implemented in 2016-2017.

View the renewal calendar below to determine when you are eligible to renew your certification.

Review the following document for an overview of the renewal study group meetings.
Study Group Overview for Renewal Candidates:

Please sign and return the renewal study group agreement (below) if you join the study group. We encourage your active participation for productive study group meetings.

Study Group Agreement for Renewal Candidates:

Study Group Reflection
Please use the link in the document below to access your study group reflection. Please complete this brief reflection monthly after each study group meeting. We appreciate your comments as we continue to improve our professional development.

No funding is provided for the NB Certification renewal fee. Please plan to submit your renewal fee prior to the payment deadline. More information about payment plans and deadlines is available at the National Board website link at the top of this wiki page.

Contact us at for more information.

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