The CMS National Board Support Program is located @ Spaugh Professional Development Center (PDC), 1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28208.

Information Sessions for New or Potential 2016-2017 Initial Candidates

Have you completed three years of teaching, school counseling, or media center work? Attend an Information Session to learn more about the National Board Certification process and support offered for district candidates. Information sessions are now being held for initial candidates wishing to begin the process in the 2016-2017 school year. You only need to attend one information session. No registration is required for information sessions. All sessions will be held at Spaugh PDC, 1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane, Charlotte, 28208, unless otherwise noted below.

Tuesday, August 2 11:40 - 12:50 *Rocky River High School*
Wednesday, August 17, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. Spaugh PDC

Additional 2016-2017 Information Sessions will be scheduled soon and advertised in the CMS Insider email.

Important Information for WLOE (World Language) Candidates

WLOE candidates —must now pass ACTFL writing and speaking proficiency tests. — More information is available at

This wiki will be updated soon with additional information for 2016-2017 candidates.

Important Deadlines for 2015-2016 Candidates

The following chart is applicable to candidates submitting components for scoring during the 2015-16 assessment cycle.
2015-16 Important Dates and Deadlines
Change of Certificate and/or Specialty Area
February 29, 2016
Change of Component Selection
February 29, 2016
ePortfolio Submission Window
April 1–May 18, 2016
Withdrawal Deadline
February 29, 2016
Component 1: Content Knowledge Testing Window
Mid-April–June 15, 2016
Scores Released
On or before December 31, 2016

It is very important that you include your SSNs and release Third Party Information. This helps for future differential payments and so you can appear on our spreadsheets. Some found it difficult to find the area in their My Accounts to release Third Party Information, so this might help:
Please go to My Profile and look to the left for Service Request. Scroll down to "I agree to the following policies". Scroll down again until you see "special considerations". Make sure that it says "yes" next to the following statement: Do you wish to have your name released to third-party agencies that may provide incentives, support, and rewards for teachers seeking National Board Certification?
For more information, visit the DPI website or the National Board website.

2016-2017 Candidate Study Groups

Candidate study groups for initial candidates for National Board Certification, and for renewal candidates, will be held monthly on selected Saturdays at the Spaugh Professional Development Center.

For registration and additional information regarding the study groups, visit the Study Groups page in the National Board section of this wiki.

Pay Differential

If you have questions about the 12% pay differential, review the salary schedules posted on the CMS website at . You may also view salary information, including FAQs, on the DPI website at .

Learn more about the National Board Certification process by reviewing the resources below.

Candidate Information Packet

Review our Candidate Information Packet (below) before attending an Information Session or registering as an official candidate. All prospective initial candidates should read this information packet before applying as an official National Board candidate. Resources for 2016-2017 candidates will be loaded on this wiki soon.

Review the Power Point below from the Information Sessions.

Review the Power Point from National Board regarding changes to the certification process.

Listen to CMS National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) as they describe what pursuit of National Board Certification has meant to them.

NBgivesUmore from CMS TeacherPD on Vimeo.

Support Program Information

CMS provides all teachers, media specialists, and school counselors an opportunity for continued support throughout the National Board Certification process. The CMS National Board Support Program offers ongoing support, encouragement, and feedback from the moment of application for National Board Candidacy throughout the entire process. We encourage all of you to make our support program part of your National Board Certification process.
The National Board Support Staff includes approximately 25 part-time NBCTs. This Support Program provides a number of key components. Specific information will be sent to all Candidates as plans are finalized each year. Support Program information is also advertised periodically in the weekly CMS Insider email. Interested potential Candidates should read the information on this site to learn about National Board Certification and then contact us with any questions by creating a Cherwell ticket. See directions for Cherwell tickets at the bottom of this wiki page.
Support Program Components:
  • Annual NBCT Celebration: celebrates all new and renewed NBCTs each January
  • Annual Candidate Institutes: offer consultative assistance in two separate Institutes
  • Banking Program: supports Advanced Candidates who are redoing Portfolio entries and/or retaking Assessment Center exercises
  • National Board Professional Library: offers available resources for all teachers
  • Recruitment Team: conducts Information Sessions for prospective Candidates
  • Reading Program: provides individual feedback on Candidate writing
  • Renewal Program: offers support group and professional reading for NBCTs renewing their National Board Certification
  • Study Groups: offer small-group interactions led by trained NBCT Facilitators

Visit the tabs on the left for more information about various components of our support program. We regret that we cannot support candidates who are not employed by CMS.

Candidate Resources

Candidate Information Form

All National Board candidates (including first- and second-year initial candidates, renewal and retake candidates) should complete the CMS Candidate Information Form available at the link below and submit this form to Organizational Development. This will enable us to forward important information to you as it becomes available.

2015-2016 Support Program Dates for Candidates

National Board Website

The National Board website * contains all of the information you need to choose your certification area, download your materials, and begin working on the National Board Certification or renewal process. Be sure to review the Guide to National Board Certification before registering as a candidate. (When the site loads, scroll down to access the link to the Guide.)

View the detailed component instructions, At-a-Glance documents, NBPTS Standards, Scoring Guide, and other information for your certification area in the Candidate Section of the National Board website.

NC DPI National Board Website

Visit the National Board section of the DPI website for information on the loan and the 12% pay differential.

National Board & NC Professional Teaching Standards

The National Board Core Propositions correlate closely to the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards.
View or print the correlations:

Differentiation of Instruction

If you would like to increase your knowledge of differentiated instruction, visit the Differentiation section of this wiki for information about self-paced online courses, face-to-face courses, and links to resources. This may be helpful as you prepare to complete Component 2, Differentiation in Instruction.

Additional Information

Follow the directions below so that we may respond to your questions or provide additional information about National Board Certification and the CMS National Board Support Program.

Visit the other pages of this wiki for more information about field tests of the revised certification process, study groups, candidate institutes, financial support, retakes of entries or Assessment Center exercises, or renewal of National Board Certification.