National Board Support Program for CMS Educators

The National Board Office is located @1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28208You can always contact us at for more information!

Learn more about the National Board process by reviewing the General Informational Resources below.
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Visit the Take One! section of this wiki for information about the Take One! program.

Changes for 2014-2015 and Implications for 2013-2014 Candidates
The National Board announced in September 2013 that the certification process will be revised effective with the 2014-2015 cycle. These changes have implications for potential candidates as they decide whether to begin pursuit of National Board Certification or Take One! in 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 and beyond. Read more about these upcoming changes on the National Board Website and on the 2014-2015 Changes tab on this wiki. If you have questions, please contact us at

Revised Application and Payment Deadlines

Due to system maintenance in My Profile, candidate applications and payments will not be accepted for approximately three weeks, beginning December 18, 2013. To compensate for this, the national office adjusted the program deadlines as follows:
Published Submission Deadline
New Submission Deadline
First-time Candidate

Application & Initial Payment
December 31, 2013
February 28, 2014
First-time Candidate

Full Payment* & Eligibility Forms
January 31, 2014
Retake Candidate

Application & Full Payment
Take One!

Application & Full Payment

Application & Full Payment
*If you are a first-time candidate and select the extended payment option, you have until March 15 to submit final payment.

Other portions of this wiki have not been updated to reflect these revised application and payment deadlines.

Please review our Candidate Information Packet before attending an Information Session.
All prospective candidates should read this information before applying as an official National Board candidate.

Study groups are now available for registration on MyPD.
Visit the Study Groups or Renewals pages of this wiki for more information.
Please note: subsidy funding for Take One! participants is no longer available. Scholarship information is available at on the National Board website.

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General Informational Resources

Check out the basics about National Board Certification by reviewing the power point from information sessions!

View a RECORDED INFORMATION PRESENTATION about National Board Certification.

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Read the script for the INFORMATION PRESENTATION about National Board Certification.

Considering National Board? Think it's a lot of money and not sure it's worth it?Consider these facts ...
National Board
• Cost $2500.00
• Payments are $72 a month for three years (pay off quicker when you get your raise)
• Payments begin 13 months after loan begins.
• Sign up no later than December and complete the process by May (portfolio) or June (Assessment Center)
• Pay increase is retroactive for the school year in which you certify, once results are posted in November or December.
• There are 4 entries (10-12 page papers) and 6 short written assessments.
• This is a 6-8 month commitment if you certify in the first year.

Many educators believe that National Board Certification is the best professional development in which they have participated.
National Board is a great way to get the pay increase you are looking for.Remember, if you don't certify the first time, you only redo the parts you missed and submit those.

Support Program InformationCMS provides all teachers, media specialists, and school counselors an opportunity for continued support throughout the National Board Certification process. The CMS National Board Support Program offers ongoing support, encouragement, and feedback from the moment of application for National Board Candidacy throughout the entire 12 – 36 month process. We encourage all of you to make this part of your National Board Certification process!
The CMS National Board Support Program provides support for National Board Candidates pursuing certification, for Take One! participants, and for NBCTs serving as teacher leaders. The National Board Support Staff includes approximately 35 part-time NBCTs. This Support Program provides a number of key components. Specific information will be sent to all Candidates as plans are finalized each year. Support Program information is also advertised periodically in the weekly CMS DirectLine email. Interested potential Candidates should read the information on this site to learn about National Board Certification and then contact us with any questions at .

  • Annual NBCT Celebration: celebrates all new and renewed NBCTs each January
  • Annual Candidate Institutes: offers Portfolio and Assessment Center preparation assistance in three separate Institutes
  • Banking Program: supports Advanced Candidates who are redoing Portfolio entries and/or retaking Assessment Center exercises
  • Leadership Team: serves as leadership foundation for Support Program and promotes teacher leadership in education
  • National Board Professional Library: offers available resources for all teachers
  • NBPTS Recruitment Team: conducts Information Sessions for prospective Candidates
  • Online Support Site: provides support on the CMS Teacher PD Moodle
  • Professional Reader Program: provides individual feedback on Candidate writing
  • Renewal Program: offers support groups and professional reading for NBCTs renewing their National Board Certification
  • Study Group Program: offers small-group interactions led by trained NBCT Facilitators

Visit the tabs on the left for more information about various components of our support program.

Candidate and Participant Resources

Candidate Information Form:

All National Board candidates (including renewal candidates) should complete the CMS Candidate Information Form available at the link below and submit this form to Teacher PD. This will enable us to forward important information to you as it becomes available. Take One! participants should complete and return the Take One! Participant Information Form found at the Take One! tab on the left.

2013-2014 Support Program Dates for Candidates

The Moodle Online Support SIte:

The Moodle support site is designed to provide additional support to candidates or participants who are unable to attend study group meetings or need more assistance or resources as they work on entries and/or prepare for the Assessment Center. You may access the site for resources or submit questions through Moodle forums to the site facilitator. Directions for accessing the National Board/Take One! Moodle support site:

NC DPI National Board Website

National Board Website:

The National Board website contains all of the information you need to choose your certification area, download your materials, and begin working on the National Board Certification, Take One!, or renewal process.
National Board Website

National Board is Going Paperless!

NB & Professional Teaching Standards:

The National Board Core Propositions correlate closely to the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards.
View or print the correlations:

Visit the other pages of this wiki for more information about study groups, candidate institutes, financial support, retakes of entries or Assessment Center exercises, Take One! or renewal of National Board Certification.