Listed below are links to instructional resources that may benefit your instruction and your students' learning.

Suggestions for Parent Conferences and Parent Communication
View these resources for planning effective parent conferences and student-led conferences.

Non-Consumable Materials
You may write a mini grant through Donors Choose to fund the purchase of non-consumable materials such as technology and books. Grant-writing procedures are explained on the Donors Choose site. It takes only about 10 minutes to get started.

Consumable Materials
Teachers at many CMS schools are eligible to visit Classroom Central once a month to select free consumable supplies such as copy paper, pencils, student incentives, and composition books. Visit the site to determine if your school is eligible to participate and to schedule an appointment. Your school secretary must add you to the list of teachers sent to Classroom Central before you can make an appointment to "shop."

CMS Lesson Plan Template
Check to see what lesson plan format or template should be used at your school. To access this sample template, log on to the CMS Intranet (, select "Departments," then select "Curriculum and Instruction," then select "My Curriculum" and click on "CMS Lesson Plans."

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Essential Standards
Visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction site to access Common Core and Essential Standards as well as guides to unpack the standards and support tools.

CMS Curriculum Site
Log on to the CMS Intranet (, select "Departments," then select Curriculum and Instruction, and then select "My Curriculum" to access curriculum pacing guides and other resource materials.

Released Forms of State Assessments
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has released sample test items for each grade level and subject tested in 2012-2013. These resources were updated in July 2015.

Grading Policies
Inquire at your school for specific information regarding the grading policy at your school.

Open Educational Resources
Read this online article about free access to online textbooks, lesson plans, and resources.

Instructional Support Sites
Visit the Wikis and Other Sites that apply to your grade level and/or content area. Also visit the other sections of this PD Support wiki by using the index on the left of your screen or on the wiki home page.

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