The DPI website (link below) has important funding information for initial candidates.

Links are also available on the DPI site detailing the criteria for the 12% pay differential.
National Board DPI Site

On January 27, 2017, the National Board announced that many deadlines were being extended from January 31, 2017 to February 28, 2017. Please note that these revised deadlines may not be reflected in the detailed information on the National Board website or in their publications on the website. If you have any questions about applicable deadlines, contact National Board through your candidate account or at 1-800-22TEACH.

DPI will not reopen the loan application for the 2016-2017 cycle. If you have already applied for the loan and received approval, you must sign the online promissory note by February 10, 2017. If you applied for the loan and have not received notice of approval or denial, contact Dr. Sonja Brown at DPI at or 919-807-3358. Please see the message below from Dr. Brown regarding loan financing.

"We (do not) have any funds available for candidates seeking the loan at this point (the site is closed). Promissory notes for candidates already approved for the loan will be accepted through February 10, 2017 for processing through the system to meet the new February 28th payment deadline. Please inform applicants that we must be in receipt of their promissory note by this date to be included for 2016-17 cycle. If they’re getting the loan, they should order the Components they plan to work on and when it ask(s) for payment, just back out of the system. If they got the loan last year and registered for this cycle, they must order the Components they plan to work on during this new cycle as well."

Please note that you should only order the components that you plan to work on during the 2016-2017 school year.

Scholarship Information

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a reimbursement incentive to eligible veterans of up to $2,000 for National Board Certification fees for each first-time or retake assessment. For more information, visit the National Board website or call 1-888-GI-BILL-1.
Contact us by creating a Cherwell ticket for more information.

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