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Self-Paced Online Opportunities

Online mini-modules are available for educators who wish to explore introductory-level material related to designing instruction incorporating the four elements of differentiated instruction: learning environment, content, product, and process. These modules may be used by individual educators on a self-paced basis. Each module is independent of the other modules.
    • Section # 436681 - INS Self-Paced Designing Instruction - Content 2018-19 (Online) .3 CEUs/3 CEHs
    • Section # 436475 - INS Self-Paced Designing Instruction - Learning Environment 2018-19 (Online) .4 CEUs/4 CEHs
    • Section # 436682 - INS Self-Paced Designing Instruction - Process & Product 2018-19 (Online) .3 CEUs/ 3 CEHs
    • Section # 436685 - INS Self-Paced Designing Instruction - Tools of Depth & Complexity 2018-19 (Online) .3 CEUs/ 3 CEHs

Designing Instruction to Meet Student Needs

Do you want to be better prepared to meet the diverse needs of your students in 2018-2019? Attend this one-day session to explore introductory-level information about the four elements of differentiation (content, process, product, and learning environment) at your own pace, based on your interests, level of expertise, and the anticipated characteristics of your students. Bring your charged laptop, power strip or extension cord, and ear buds. Participants attending the full-day session will receive a $100 stipend in September 2018, as long as they are active in the CMS payroll system continuously from June 2018-September 2018 (no breaks in service due to resignation, retirement, or displacement). Participants are required to submit evidence of their learning to receive the renewal credit and stipend for this session.
These sessions contain information previously included in the Differentiation Academy.

MyTalent Section Number
July 2, 2018
This session offers a $100 stipend, payable in September, 2018.
July 3, 2018
This session offers a $100 stipend, payable in September, 2018.
July 16, 2018
This session offers a $100 stipend, payable in September, 2018.

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