Blended Courses: Courses with some face-to-face components and some online components. At least 51% of the course must be online for the course to be considered blended. A course that meets face-to-face for all sessions and uses a forum for discussions outside of class is not considered blended.

Fully Online: Courses with 100% online components. These courses are located on the Internet using MyPD Content Builder, Moodle, or another Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard. They can be facilitated or not.

  • Facilitated Courses: The course opens on a particular day and the instructor guides participants through either week-by-week or topic-by-topic. Feedback is given on a regular basis as participants work through the activities. Often, there are online discussions or group projects, that involve people working together. The level of interactions is determined by the course developer. Many times, instructors choose to use webinars weekly to teach as the course is progressing. Webinars are not a mandatory part of a fully online course.

  • Non-Facilitated Courses: Courses in MyPD Content Builder, Moodle, or any other LMS can be built so participants choose when to begin the course. They work through the materials in isolation. Although this can be an efficient way to transmit information, care has to be taken to make these courses interactive and engaging.