Cultural Differences & Awareness - Classroom Management

Cultural Differences & Awareness


What is Cultural Awareness? It involves developing sensitivity and understanding of other ethnic groups. It means becoming aware of other cultures and recognizing the capital and value that diversity brings to the classroom.

Levels of Cultural Awareness:
  • My way is the only way.
  • I know their way, but my way is better.
  • May way and their way can co-exist.
  • We can incorporate each point of view and create our way.

"Since everyone is a product of their own culture, we need to increase both self-awareness and cross-cultural awareness. Certain attitudes help to bridge cultures". Stephanie Quappe and Giovanna Cantatore

How can I become a culturally responsive teacher?
This practitioner brief answers many questions, and gives teachers practical, specific activities for culturally responsive instruction.

*Upcoming Event* International Day of Peace Sept. 21, 2010
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Recommended Reading:


Online Resources:
Elementary Pre-K site with activities for kids:

Lots of interactive diversity awareness activities for older students/ adults:

Multitude of activities and printable resources.

Follow these links to find lessons and materials about topics relevant to diversity.

Watch it on Youtube

Local Resources, Projects, and Information:

CrossroadsCharlotte is a project that anyone can participate in and make a difference in our community.

Learn more about the Diversity Advisory Cabinet in Charlotte.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Support Services
Imagine being a part of a poverty simulation! What a powerful experience for truly learning about the community in which we live. For more information, contact
Diversity Specialist: Jose Hernandez-Paris