Common Mistakes in Lesson Planning

Avoid behavior issues by OVERPLANNING. Know what you are going to do each and every day. Write the agenda on the board so when the students come in, they see what is going to be covered that day. Start them off with a warm-up activity. The students will get accustomed immediately to coming into the classroom and having a short "assignment” to complete while you are taking roll, etc….

Every teacher has a unique way of completing lesson plans. Some are based on strict district guidelines, while others come out of years of experience and successful practices. This link is a list of generally accepted free lesson planning templates. Some are generic and some are subject specific.

Lesson planning doesn’t always come easy to all teachers. It does take experience to make the perfect lesson plan. To avoid some common mistakes read about the 6 common mistakes of lesson planning by Dr. Bob Kizlik.

HELPFUL HINT: Have every minute accounted for; this will help with classroom management.